Asphalt Sales Company is a producer of paving materials essential to the construction and maintenance of highways, roads, parking lots and recreational area.

 ]Our mission is to provide quality products and service that consistently meets our customer's expectations; to be responsible stewards with respect to safety and environmental impact of our operations.
We recognize that success in all our activities is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of all our employees. We will strive to maintain an environment that encourages them to develop their talents and exercise creativity. We will keep our compensation programs at fair competitive levels. Employment and advancement will be based on qualifications, performance and organizational needs. We will maintain a firm commitment to employment health and safety.

We have 2 locations in the Kansas City area.  Plant # 1 at 6800 Inland Drive, Kc, Ks. 66106 and Plant # 2 at 23200 West 159th St. Olathe, Ks.  66061

         Operations started at our Turner, Kansas facility in 1972. The original CMI equipment has undergone many modifications since that time in an effort to maintain the highest standards regarding production, safety and environment.          From the days of the early 1970's, the 8000lb. batch plant with its 108" diameter dryer has been converted to a continuous mix plant with two 200 ton silos for large demand mixes and a single 100 ton silo for specialty mixes such as commercial fine mix. This plant is easily capable of producing 300 tons per hour and has been very dependable for Asphalt Sales and its customers for nearly 30 years.
         The Turner location is especially suited for production of hot mix asphalt for delivery in Wyandotte, Leavenworth and northern Johnson counties in Kansas. From Turner we also deliver hot mix to North Kansas City and northwest Kansas City in Missouri.                                                          

    In 1997 we went to ASTEC for the new equipment that would become our flagship operation by spring of 1998. The ASTEC Super Tower plant is largest hot mix producing plant in this region of the country bar none. This plant is rated in excess of 600 tons per hour. Its big but flexible and state-of-the-art in every way. 

   The Super Tower structure holds 600 tons of pre-mixed, heated aggregate. That material is dropped into a 16,000 lb. pugmill where the liquid asphalt is added. The finished product can then be loaded onto a truck from the Super Tower. Or, we can convey the asphalt to one of three, 300 ton silos for load-out.

   Whether our customers need three tons of asphalt to patch a parking lot or need to depend on the brute strength of this high production facility for thousands of tons per day, we can deliver.

   Being a good neighbor is as important to Asphalt Sales Company as being a high quality hot mix producer. Our Olathe facility has been twice honored with  NAPAs Diamond Achievement Award.